The Beneficial Property of Beans in Our body

The beneficial effect of beans in our body

      I have always enjoyed eating beans; I even participated in a little study of it. Till it hit me two days ago by a friend who replied to my little write up on reducing cholesterol levels using seeds… “Beans could also do wonders on cleaning the veins” which is true!, not many people know the powerful effect of beans in improving your health.

      Beans which is also referred to as large seeds may be a bad rap for making people gassy and I would get to the science of why it gives us gas, Beans contains Oligosaccharides which the human body is unable to properly digest, but are digested by bacteria present in the large intestine thus the by-product is the flatulence-causing gases, but leaving it out of your diet can be a bad joke.
health benefits of beans
     Beans contains significant amount of fibre and an excellent source of protein that can help keep away hunger, they also contain other nutrients like potassium, folic acid, zinc and iron. Interchanging your meat diet with a protein diet in a week would remove some saturated fats present in your vessels reducing chances of a heart disease. Following stories on Fitteam

“Beans contain a wide range of cancer fighting plant chemicals, specifically isoflavones and phytosterols which are associated with reducing cancer risk”.

They are different types of beans like the navy beans, Garbanzo beans, soy beans, Lentils, Red kidney beans, Pinto Beans, black beans even the African honey Beans

Effect of Beans in Controlling Cholesterol

health benefit of beansBeans provide the body with soluble fibre which is important in controlling blood cholesterol levels. Beans contain saponins and phytosterols, which lower cholesterol.

Beneficial Effect in Reducing Constipation

The fibre present in the beans is at a desirable effect for weight loss. And high dietaryfibre also means that you get the bulk effect need for good bowel function and fewer problems with constipation.

Effect of Beans in Managing Diabetes

Because of the complex carbohydrates and protein present in it, it provides a slow and steady source of glucose which helps to stabilise blood sugar level lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Effect of Beans on Body Building

Soy Beans is known to be the only beans with all the essential amino acids thus making it a good muscle building meat.

Anti-Ageing Power of Beans

Some beans like the Red Kidney beans contain anti-oxidants and omega-3. Since omega 3 have been linked to better cognitive outcomes in older adults. Plus the thiamine present prevents Alzheimer’s disease.

Disadvantages of Beans

Although these kinds of beans are healthy to the body some do contain toxins and some causes allergy to your body. Fava beans for example have toxins that affect people who lack an enzyme called G6PD and interact with your medication raise blood pressure. People who have a condition called Favism. Favism can cause anemia through the destruction of red blood cells. 

Other examples like the red Kidney Beans contain toxin lectin which is present in its raw and uncooked state, which causes nausea vomiting and stomach pain. If it isn’t properly cooked.

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